Friday, October 24, 2008

Toys come of age!

Rovio is in a new class of toys! This roving robot performs surveillance of your home, so you feel safe when you are out. These gizmos may become status symbols, but the important thing is the viablility of robotics!

Many other utility robots are already invading your backyards (Robomow), carpets (Roomba) and swimming pools (Verro). iRobot (the company), and iRobot (the movie) are both rendering Isaac Asimov's dream world (I, Robot) into reality.

Now that you can effectively find all information on a topic online, the question is this - is a program - that goes to Wikipedia, performs concept analysis, summarizes multiple other articles from the Web, creates and formats a document, prints it out and orders the printer to staple it into your report to submit to your teacher - a robot or a homework helper?

Welcome "Homework Robots"!

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