Wednesday, October 1, 2008

The Internet in 2001

Google just celebrated its tenth birthday! In celebration, Google put out a special site that chronicles various launches and other events. It's searchable via Google Site Search :-)

More entertaining is the approximation of Google's 2001 index, which reflects the state of the Internet in 2001. You can search the 2001 Internet! Remember, when you search, you're searching an index that reflects the content available in 2001. Some of that content no longer exists, so click on the link that says "View old version on the Internet Archive". This should show you a snapshot of the old (archived) page.

Search for currently relevant queries and you'll find some really entertaining results, e.g., "iPhone" - click the Internet Archive version of the "Infogear iPhone" result (or one of the others...) gives you an interesting view of what the "iPhone" was in 2001 :-)

Very im-mobile!

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