Tuesday, July 9, 2013

The House of Cards!

Netflix has been playing well-timed cards to stay in the game, it seems … the content cards ...

I’ve been trying to cancel Netflix for a while now...

Why cancel, you ask?

Nothing good to watch, or no easy way to find it without spending a chunk of time, at  which point I’m tired, ready to give up and go to sleep!

Ok - so ready to pull the plug last year, … and along came Lilyhammer - I watched the first season, and … kinda enjoyed it. What happened to it?

Ok - so started watching Breaking Bad - fantastic AMC show - on Netflix. We’d missed the boat on AMC. Being late to the party, my wife and I spent a crazy period of time catching up. We did that in record time and arrived very quickly at ...Season 5. Not on Netflix! OUCH!  Not even available for $$. I’ve never before gotten to the point where I’m desperate enough to pay for a TV show  - right then and there!

No go on Netflix :-(

Switch to Amazon - it wasn’t on Amazon Prime, but it was available for-pay; I coughed up promptly. We’re now ready for the rest of the final season to air - we’ll probably catch it on AMC on Comcast (I pay Comcast more than for food and clothing per month!)

Ready to cut cord with Netflix again …  we watch House of Cards - pretty darn good show. And Sherlock. We’re caught up on the first season of both shows.

Do I stay or do I go? Ask me after the summer!

Amazon, I think has/had an amazing opportunity to upend Netflix, and it hasn’t happened yet. They’re trading content deals - PBS, Dreamworks, ... - and something’s got to give. Amazon has also gone the path of original content - we’ll see what they come up with. YouTube's playing on the sidelines with its own content strategy.

I think Amazon can leverage it’s Prime position,  but again, content is king.
What’s the next card to be played in this house?