Sunday, May 4, 2014

One Slip between Cup and Lip!

This post is not about soccer/football.

3 years back, when Baba was diagnosed with liver cancer, and I was there, having random conversations with him when he was able, I’d asked him once what football team he was a fan of during his many years in England.  He let this slip out from between his lips - “Liverpool”.

Baba was never really into sports, but he was a part of the Queen’s England, and was known to have had a cricket vest knitted for a single game on one of the fancy cricket grounds for some departmental game - apparently he scored a duck, but he had “played on the field” :-)  My father - he was always “on the field”.

The last few weeks, watching the drama of the closest season in the Premier League, with Liverpool looking for it’s first title in decades, I’ve thought a lot about Baba. Why Liverpool? Did I not ask him? Did I not pay attention to his answer?

The team I’m rooting for is Manchester City. They won the title in dramatic fashion in the last minute (must see) of the season 2 years back. One moment, and the world changed! Over the last 2 weeks, they are in pole position once again.

But, secretly, I would not be unhappy if Liverpool pulled it off over the next week. Baba’s team would win!

In fact, Liverpool had the cup, but all it takes in life is one slip. It took a the least-likely random slip from Steven Gerrard, captain and one of the most dependable players for Liverpool and England over the years, to most-likely wrest the Cup away from his lips next week, and hand it over to Manchester City.  

You see his face after the ironic and unfortunate incident (the video pokes fun :-(), and you realize the pain and the disappointment. One moment, and the world has changed. 

Sometimes, in life, all you get is one chance at something - don’t let it slip away!

There’s still a slim chance that Baba will beat me next week; it will require a slip from Manchester City. One slip. For Steven Gerrard and his historic and well-deserving  team - Suarez, Sterling, Sturridge, Coutinho, ... - this is what needs to happen.

I’m hoping it doesn’t happen. I’m also hoping  it does.

Update: Ironic and almost unbelievable - Liverpool slipped again!