Monday, October 12, 2015

Flying Valley to Valley

Bourbon to Amrut

[Written on flight to Bangalore Oct 8, 2015]

Time flies! The last 2 trips back to my home town (Bangalore - Silicon Valley of India) have been strange, to say the least, and unreal at so many levels.

4 years back, I came home to spend 6 stressful weeks with my family as my father was taken by cancer. Given just 2 months after diagnosis, he was gone in 6 weeks! I had the fortune to spend those weeks with him, and I held his hand as left us. In hindsight, I could have dealt with those few weeks much better than I did, but I won’t be too hard on myself -  life is hard, death is harder!

2 years back, I returned on a business trip after Yahoo acquired Lexity, the startup I was working with. The plan was to spend a short few days, but it turned out to be a strange 8 weeks again. I ruptured my achilles playing table tennis (yes, ping pong!) had to undergo surgery, and stay in a cast for weeks. Instead of me helping my mother, she had to take care of me!

Today, I write this on the flight to Bangalore. I'm landing in a couple of hours. I plan to spend 1 day (!)  in Bangalore on this hectic business trip. My mother does not know I’m going to knock on the door :-)

I bought my mom See’s candies in San Jose - California special! She likes chocolate! 

When I passed the duty free shop in London, the thought crossed my mind that I should get a bottle of whisky or rum for dad. He loves a nice drink!

I passed.  I’d have to drink it on his behalf.