Monday, October 20, 2008

GATTACA ... here and now!

Science fiction can become science (Arthur C Clarke and satellites)! What was thought-provoking DNA-based decision-making of the future is now real - the Personal Genome Project just put 10 prominent experts' DNA fingerprints online for the world to examine and research! They want to grow this to a 100,000 participants.

The issues around privacy, discrimination, medical coverage, and, possibly, employment and marriage, will soon be highlighted and discussed, bringing GATTACA, one of my favorite science fiction movies, into the real world!

Gene-testing startups like Navigenics and 23 and Me offer a mini-genetic analysis for a fee - you can find out if you have a pre-disposition or risk for a disease. They are socializing and democratizing personal genetics! Genepartner has already started providing a gene-based dating service (Love is no coincidence!!).

It will become interesting when, in addition to determining the sex of your child, you order from a menu that you'd like genes, art, mathematics...and let's throw in some soccer!

GATTACA! The future is NOW!


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