Thursday, June 3, 2010

Oh Spam - why do you exist?

When you open your window, you get the fresh breeze,  but the room also gets dusty!

We're so used to SPAM, chain letters, etc., that I did not wait a moment to scream at my 11-year old when I saw his "Chain" email  ... he laughed, as did everyone at home, since it was a big joke that I'd fallen for  - he had made this up himself (read it and you'll see why it is funny and original). Even an 11-year old understands this insanity!!

Today, despite promises that  comment spam will soon be a thing of the past on Blogger, I can deal with it no longer. I have finally gone to full moderation of comments on my blog.  No more this crap - you @^%=*%^! who leave this kind of slime behind ...

You win some, you lose some. I'd gladly lose the SPAM!