Tuesday, October 1, 2013

Object Oriented Programming - Object #1: Hello World (IIT)!

Preface: During Graduate School, Object Oriented Programming had a very specific meaning. Now I'm more "meta",  and stuck in a different time-warp for the next few weeks in Bangalore with time to ponder. I now see objects around me that had very specific meaning to me in an earlier life.

While in this time-warp,  I'll post some of these interesting objects.

Object #1 (Circa 1983): Hello World (IIT)! The alarm clock that I took with me to IIT[M] 

This clock often got me up in time during the 4 years at IIT(M)
Gift from my brother-in-law.

In some cases, the clock did its job. I'd wake up to its loud jangling, which was hard to ignore.

Sometimes, I'd shut it off, and one my wingmates (A-Z) would bang on my door every 5 minutes until I woke up.

Some days, when life was just suspended, I avoided winding it up, so I'd just sleep on!!

I'm not sure it works any more, but I'm afraid to try it - the loud jangle will surely cause me a heart attack!

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