Tuesday, October 1, 2013

I'm like Kobe Bryant!

Note: In the above photos, note how the image on the right is blurred due to excessive speed :-)

Kobe and I were both born on the same day - August 23. I did not know this when I started writing this blog post! I think that’s an awesome coincidence!!

Ok - let’s start with what’s not in common between me and Kobe Bryant:
  • He’s tall, I’m short
  • He is a professional basketball player - I’m an amateur table tennis player
  • He has 5 NBA rings. I have more patents :-) (yeah sure,  everyone cares!)
  • He launches three-pointers. I launch products.
  • He’s rich. I’m not.
Now - don't be disappointed. We have a lot in common:
  • We share a birthday.
  • We both like Michael Jordan. We both think Jordan's the greatest basketball player ever.
  • We both love soccer. We are both fans of Barcelona.
  • We both ruptured the achilles tendon on our left legs in 2013 :-(
Here’ what both of us said after the incident:  “I made a move I’ve made a million times and it popped,” Bryant/Mukherjee said afterwards calling the injury “by far” the biggest disappointment of his career. (Please note - Bryant has a real career, Mukherjee does not!)

Kobe’s getting ready to get back to the game in a record 3.5 months - he’s been diving into a pool from 40 feet already!

His idea of 40+ :  “If I can run, I can jump.”

My idea of 40+ :  "Will I be able to play table tennis/soccer again?"

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