Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Object Oriented Programming - Object #2: The Table Fan that Rallis!

Preface: During Graduate School, Object Oriented Programming had a very specific meaning. Now I'm more "meta",  and stuck in a different time-warp for the next few weeks in Bangalore with time to ponder. I now see objects around me that had very specific meaning to me in an earlier life.

While in this time-warp,  I'll post some of these interesting objects.

Object #2 (Circa 1963): The Table Fan that Rallis!

Rallis Table Fan - Older than yours truly!! Still works perfectly!

Note: In the above photos, note how the image on the right is blurred due to excessive speed :-)

This fan was purchased in 1963, before I was even born. Bangalore, until then a non-fan-station, had just started warming up during the summers.

My dog Pixie knocked it down, and  the fan was out for about 2 years, with a bent frame. Not to be outdone, my dad got the frame and blades fixed, and the fan repainted.

My mother uses the fan everyday since it is so convenient!

Now - it keeps the mosquitoes off my legs as I watch Champions League matches.

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