Thursday, May 1, 2008

Too much collaboration on the web?

My wife's in India for 2 weeks, and in order to help me handle the hectic schedule with the kids (work plus school plus activities) over the next few days, she emailed me an Excel spreadsheet with a day-to-day schedule for me and the boys - "art class", "soccer practise", etc.!

It even included specific items that I would have otherwise forgotten, like "Water the plants", "Do the laundry" etc. Extremely helpful, but amusing, so I mentioned it to one of my colleagues.

His question (I'm a Googler) - "How come she's not using Google Spreadsheets?"

Google Spreadsheets - a highly collaborative online spreadsheet tool that has the added "advantage" of multiple people being able to collaborate dynamically. My friend's thesis was that she could be marking things green and red and making sarcastic comments about my daily progress, right from the warm living room in Kolkata, making things tough for me in California!

Too much collaboration for me!

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