Monday, April 28, 2008

Silicon Space!

Heard of outsourced customer support and software services to Mars? That's now getting closer on the space horizon. Two interesting bits of news today that will make that happen :-)

First, India, leading outsourcing innovator on the planet, just launched 10 satellites (speaking different languages!) into orbit in one fell rocket swoosh! That's a major accomplishment, by any standards.

Next, scientists now think they've discovered remnants of hot springs on Mars - furthering excitement on the possibility of finding water on Mars.

Put the two together, and James Bond and Jaws will be on their way with a bunch of telephones, computers, and a savvy, accented Indian crew to set up MarsSys - the first Martian BPM company - Nasdaq (MARY).

Yes - you'll need an M-1 Visa!

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