Friday, May 30, 2008

Yes we can! -> No we won't?

On Barack Obama (US Pres. 2009?) and VP Singh (India PM - 1989)
I see eerie similarities between Barack Obama's ascendancy and VP Singh's rise to power in India 20 years ago when I was a young and enthusiastic student. Both arrivals were heralded with unforeseen youth involvement. Both talk about unification and social equalization. Both arrive with RECTITUDE on their resume.

VP Singh was, in my limited political opinion, the greatest disappointment in Indian politics, since it was supposed to be a new hope - a new politics. For a change, there were expectations from a politician! It ended with students burning themselves on the streets around disappointing policy-making (Mandal commission's quota system for minorities). "Yes we can -> No we won't"

The question is (assuming he becomes president)- what will Obama do? Will he deliver, or will he disappoint?

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Unknown said...

I do not see any reason why he should disappoint. We have to hope that he will deliver. That is why so many people, particularly young Americans are so energized and excited. If Obama fails to deliver, the cynicism about "business as usual" politics will prevail. I am not willing to write him off so quickly. Let us see what he can deliver with his "audacity of hope".