Monday, April 21, 2008

Taking things for granted!

We obsess about our Valley jobs, the stock market, technology, politics, sports, stock options, and such. Often, we lose sight of the important things - good health, family, safety, our quality of life, freedom...

These priorities get shuffled in a hurry when certain events occur. On Saturday, a surprise mid-day fire destroyed our neighbo(u)r's home! They got their cars out and got out safely. Most everything else was impacted.

Ironic that in this busy life that we lead, we sometimes only meet our neighbo(u)rs when there's such an event in the neighborhood.

Perspectives: the 6th grader (whose house caught fire) was worried about whether he would be rebuked for not having his swim gear for PE class in school, and about the $18 that was in his wallet.

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