Thursday, April 3, 2008

Star Wars, the Force, and politics

Musing - in the context of this war-torn "modern" world - that even Star Wars (watched again with my boys) paints a pretty dismal picture of the future - war, disparity, disagreement, cloned soldiers(!), political corruption and misuse of power.

Interesting how one individual can change the globe/universe via a march to war, and how ineffective an entire senate/house can be in stopping this - unfortunate that there are supposedly checks and balances in place. Misuse of power seems to be be globally ubiquitous, and is now the reality of the human situation.

Comparing Bush to Senator Palpatine, the major differences could be (a) the lightning from the fingernails! and (b) the motivation (?)

However, here's a contrarian theory - if, after struggles, democracy survives in Iraq, stability in Iraq will net Bush the Nobel peace prize (we'll review this 10 years hence)! May the Force be with you!

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