Friday, February 27, 2009

IST = 5 decades too late :-(

That's my uncle Samar Banerjee (mother's brother) - football gene in the family!! He was the captain of the Indian Olympic team that earned a 4th position finish at the 1956 Melbourne Olympics (India's, all but forgotten, best-ever football (soccer) finish at the Olympics). 

This week housed a moment for our family to cherish! 

The Indian government finally decided to felicitate their achievement! 52 years too late...

Better late than never? IST, also known as Indian Stretchable Time, has really stretched things a little too far ...Of the team of 18, only half are still living, and only 7 could attend! Read the newspaper article for one of the players' appropriate reaction (Tulsidas Balaram). the very least, a few families can enjoy the moment!


Unknown said...

Hey Rajat, I donno if you remember. I was in Mandak, a year junior to you, for a month and then rejoined as a Narmadite. Manoj Kumar.

Nice to read about your Uncle, captain of Indian footer team in its days of glory. I have heared a story that one Indian team was refused permission to play in the Olympics since they didnt have shoes! Is that just misplaced folklore or the truth?

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