Thursday, February 12, 2009

Bangalore Silicon Thoughts

I'm in India's Silicon Valley for 3 weeks - working from the Bangalore Google office. It so happens that my parents' new flat is right across the street from the Google building, and I don't even need to take an auto!!

The traffic overall is pretty bad and the urban sprawl is mind-blowing (all those paddy fields and empty spaces we used to pass when we went by bus to school....replaced by houses and hi-rises). The subway (under construction) makes its presence felt in unexpected ways!

At home, I stole wireless network access yesterday morning, but the network was gone in the evening :-( - so it's back to dial-up (need broadband...need Cha!

I wake up too early in the morning - there's a temple here that has decided to blare the morning prayers to the whole neighborhood, and the dogs are also at their merriest in the AM. There's a broad variety of horn tones on vehicles ... some can actually shock you if you're not prepared!

The smells, the food, the people - however unfamiliar it seems ... it is all comfortingly familiar ...

Tickets from San Jose, CA to Bangalore, India - $1300
Great lunch at Google's Bangalore cafeteria - $0
Walk across the road from the flat to the office - priceless!

Walk to work - that's a luxury that the Google Bangalore employees don't have!!


Meena said...

"Walk to work - that's a luxury that the Google Bangalore employees don't have!!"

Well, you must experience Mumbai's work culture to experience this luxury that we Mumbaikar's possess! ;)

Unknown said...

Hi Rajat,

I read that you are one of the presenters for the SearchMasters Conference. On the FAQ page it says that "The invite for the SearchMasters Conference will be made available on the site once you have completed the registration", however, I do not see a registration form on the site :(
Kindly let me know as to how to register for it.

Prashant Karandikar.

rajat.mukherjee said...

Unknown said...

Yes, the page is up now, Thx.

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