Sunday, February 22, 2009

A big day for trash!

Much ado about trash!

I haven't seen it yet, but have read about it and am looking forward to seeing and judging Slumdog Millionaire for myself.  The rags to riches story - taking humanity from trash to hope - won big at the Oscars (8)! 

I'm sure the movie is great, and, if not anything (anybody) else, the Mozart of Madras (A.R. Rahman) deserves accolades for entirely morphing the (Indian) music industry and giving millions of people joy over the years. I'm hoping the movie isn't a whole lot of stereotyping...I've heard about some nasty scenes...

On an (un)related note, the trash generated from the recent satellite collsion in space could well jeopardize future space travel and can even hobble Hubble!!

This morning, our EZDrive driver asked me how things were different between India and the U.S.  I talked about a few things - city-planning,  lifestyle - food, culture, independence (e.g., domestic help), driving :-), corruption (high-level vs. pervasive), etc. I couldn't help but mention that the U.S. and many other countries, including Singapore, are far better than India regarding trash! If all budgeted money went into their targeted public works projects, instead of lining peoples' pockets, maybe the trash issue can actually be addressed!

It does seem like humanity is intent on creating more trash, even in space, and maybe Wall-E really depicts a slovenly human race.

What are we doing to our environment? 

Should we trash hope?

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