Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Beating the bloody flu!

Now they tell me....

All of us went through a severe bout of the flu this year!

No point taking flu-shots, since people get sick despite them ... right?

Well ... that may not be true anymore - scientists seemed to have figured out how to fight these (and other viruses, including the bird flu) by tackling them at the legs with antibodies instead of a head shot. The viral lollipop is apparently in trouble against these antibodies that the scientists threw at them!

As quoted:

Influenza is especially difficult to fight because it cloaks itself in lollipop-shaped proteins called hemagglutinin and neuraminidase, which mutate regularly and give influenza A strains the "H" and "N" designations in their names.

In related health news, calcium (good ol' milk) apparently helps people (especially good-looking ones) fight off colon cancer . Vitamin D, often associated in diets with dairy products, can also help fight colds and flu.

Now - revisit that glass of red wine each day, you damsels! Even a glass of alcohol a day could hurt you. Yeah! I'm confused too...

Replace that glass of wine with a cup of Vitamin D milk - add antibodies for taste!

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