Wednesday, November 26, 2008

Choices choices - chicken netflix blockbuster sony xbox turkey comcast!

Nope - I'm not trying to provide keyword stuffing this thanksgiving!

Blockbuster just announced yet another way to watch movies on demand - via their new 2Wire set-top box. Now, should I turn off Comcast On Demand (which works quite well when the movie I care about is available), or should I try my PS3 movie streaming, or should I try some other jittery service?

Just as the phone, music player and PIM came together as the ..., it is time for the cable set-top box to get assimilated (Soncast!) by the Blu-ray player. The problem is that today both provide only one axis each of the x-y graph!

Now that Hulu and YouTube are going widescreen and waiting in the wings - maybe the right thing to do is wait for the Google game-top-box!

Happy thanksgiving!

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