Friday, November 21, 2008

Charge me up Silicon Valley!

Countering Disneyland's claim of being a Small World, Silicon Valley now claims to be a Better Place now!

Silicon Valley just endorsed a bold $1B plan for Better Place, a venture-based startup, to create a network of battery stations, that plans to enable a network and subscription model to push effective use of electric vehicles bu 2012. 

They are not building cars - but the network to refuel them, so that longer-distance trips are actually feasible.  Multiple manufacturers, including Nissan-Renault, GM, Tesla and Norwegian Think, will supply the vehicles, and Better Place plans to install about 250,000 charging ports, 200 battery-exchange stations and a control center to service Bay Area electric car drivers! 

I'm not entirely sure how it works - but ... customers will subscribe to drive a certain number of miles and get an electric vehicle at a discounted price.  Better Place will own the battery.

Will Silicon Valley be a better place soon?  This sounds like change I can believe in.

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