Thursday, April 30, 2009

Symbiosis on the Razr's edge

Motorola, needing a real shot in the arm after a bad fainting spell, has decided to shut some windows and seek symbiosis with Android.

This is a bold move in an ocean with many predators, such as Bruce the Shark, Palm the Pre, Black the Berry, and Apple of my Eye-Phone. So Mota the Fella is going with Andy the Droid. Is this Friendly Connect an act of symbiosis, or a good move for survival? Pink the Zune-Phone could also ask for a ticket to the deep-sea party !

Mr. Softy seems to be enjoying the attention it is getting around this space as well, with Windows 7 getting some attention, and obvious connections to Windows 7 Mobile - what will that be?

Nok! Nok! Who's where?

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