Saturday, April 4, 2009

The rocket-fuel superbaby!

A 2-day old baby who can support his own body weight? Deer me!

A rare genetic disorder called myostatin-related muscle hypertrophy causes 40-50% more muscle mass, causing super-duper-hyperkids to be created.

This was first reported in Germany in 2004, and more recently, little Liam has been the subject of attention, doing the iron cross at 5 months, showing ribbed abs, and displaying high metabolism and low body fat.

While drugs to help muscle-building can obviously benefit patients of various diseases like muscular dystrophy, cancer and AIDS, this phenomenon could change the world of athletics, in a very funky way.

The questions are more profane than answers - the GATTACA considerations a-plenty! Should such super-babies be allowed to play professional sports? Should they be disallowed? Is this the new super-steroid? Should we agree with Carlos Santana and legalize marijuana?

And this is not the result of rocket-fuel being found in baby formula!!

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