Thursday, March 5, 2009

Real-life Frogger!

While I gloated about being able to just cross the road to work during my recent Bangalore visit, I failed to mention that there was inherent danger built into the act of crossing! (The photo above shows a lean traffic period)

Some of the skills one needs to have in India to cross a road, especially a busy one like the Old Madras Road, are guts, incremental planning and goal-setting, and the ability to discern speed accurately!

Actually, it's exactly like playing Frogger! Only - if you get killed in the game, you're actually dead, i.e., you can't restart!

Here are some tips for playing Frogger - Bangalore Edition:
  • Don't take chances with the big buses and lorries(trucks).
  • If you can't cross all the way, that's fine - just stop until you can continue (without getting hit)
  • If there's a median, life is peachy - plan only to get to the median - then worry about the rest
  • Those small Maruti cars and vans can be pretty zippy - watch out!
  • Motorcycles and scooters are a pain - they can't kill you, but can hurt you - so don't completely ignore them!
My wife? She just grabs the arm of the nearest (good-looking) guy to cross!

"Can't cross" ...a likely story!

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