Monday, September 29, 2008

Bringing Brazil back to San Jose

When you stand on the soil of Maracana stadium, one's priorities slip out of consideration for a while, while the footprints of soccer greats take center stage!

The Google Search Masters 2008 conferences at Mexico City and Sao Paulo were great, but walking through the corridor onto the field on which the likes of Maradona, Pele, Ronaldo, Ronaldinho, Romario, Kaka (the list goes on and on) also stepped, left me feeling excited and insignificant in the same moment.

I bought some nice Brazil soccer shirts for myself and Ronrik at Maracana (the same air) - let's see how this impacts our game :-)

More on Brazil and Mexico later....


Patricia said...

Hi, Rajat. Thanks for the link to the picture in my photostream. :-)

It was really nice to meet you and all the Googlers. The event was great, indeed, and we all look forward to the next one.

I'll be posting about it on, I've already posted 2 reviews in Portuguese, but I guess leaving the links here wouldn't help much. :p

Anyway, I'm glad you had a good time here and had the chance to visit the Maracanã stadium.

Take care.

Patricia Müller.

Emule do Brasil said...

Hello Rajat!
Thanks to gift Brazil with your presence, God gives many blessings to you!