Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Proving the big bang?

20 years in the making, particles can finally be made to collide to explain the universe. The Large Hadron Collider just did a successful first test run. The French-Swiss 17-mile drive is likely a little more violent than the one in Monterrey, CA!

The fear and criticism was that this could create black holes that could east us alive (click for answer). What's the fear? - this is exactly what people have been doing for thousands of years - colliding to try and consume each other!

I'm no physicist - but the following sounded really impressive:

If a beam circulates around the tunnel for 10 hours, for instance, it will travel more than 10 billion kilometers, which is the distance it would take to travel to Neptune and back.
With the Big Bang theory, scientists largely believe that more than 13 billion years ago, an amazingly dense object the size of maybe a coin expanded into the universe that we know now -- with planets, stars, black holes and life.

...resulting in global warming, ethnic cleansing and religious fundamentalism...

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