Monday, December 1, 2014

Feeling the blues ... again!

I need a change of color ... again! Seems like every time I go purple, blue seeks me out :-)

Seems like I can't get very far from search, either ... search "seeks" me out :-)

The last time I was at Yahoo, it was short and relatively uneventful (notable was the "search index war" that caused Google to drop the index size counter on the home page!) 

I moved to Google and worked on a bunch of products - Web Search, Alerts, Custom Search, Site Search, the Search Appliance, and Ads automation.

I left Google for an ecommerce startup called Lexity, and we were acquired by ... Yahoo ... last year. Boomerang! (what they call second timers)

I got a lot done the second time - product integration with Yahoo Merchant Solutions in a record 6 weeks after acquisition,  launch of the Live Web Insights iPhone app, a unique powerful one-click badging system with benchmark insights for ecommerce, and a brand new Yahoo Stores ecommerce platform, among other things. 

Done! I'm moving to a new role at Quixey.  Quixey is working on the future  of mobile search, attempting to  unlock information within apps -> the new reality!

In 2009, I wrote my most popular tech blog post: A Brief History of Search - a Play for 3 Ages!

I may need to write a sequel to this popular play in a bit ... stay tuned :-)

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