Tuesday, June 24, 2014

I could’ve had a baby!

Today is exactly 9 months since the day I ruptured my Achilles!

Funky freak accident, while playing, not soccer, but table tennis. Granted, I was playing a serious game with a state-level player, but “ping pong”?!!! I need a more exciting and more authentic story!

I went to see my doctor today. He was counting the months on his fingers, and he said, “You could’ve had a baby!”

True this!

My “baby” is that I am now walking again without a limp. Baby steps to, hopefully, a full recovery.

It took the first trimester - 6 weeks to get out of my cast, another 6 to get off my crutches,  the second trimester (another 4-6 weeks to get out of the boot, and then, physio, etc.), and finally, the third trimester, still suffering tendonitis and doing a bunch of stretching to get rid of the limp.

I coached my spring soccer team without being able to run around with the kids. That was harsh!

I’ve been patient, and, finally today,  I jumped back and forth and side to side in a crouching position. (Crouching Tiger Hidden Dragon)

The baby was born today. When this baby is 3 months old, I hope he’s running again!

Achilles was a demi-god!

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