Friday, August 17, 2012

The meaning of life!

Can you caption this picture?

The last time I referred to GATTACA (one of my favourite movies) here on my blog (2008),  I was discussing  “thought-provoking DNA-based decision making”. Read "GATTACA ... here and now".

Today, reading about DNA storage, some truly mind-bending work from scientists at Harvard, it’s apparent that I was previously referring only to information flow in one direction. The entirety of information available to us today, or at the least, selected significant portions, can potentially be stored in a few grams of DNA. Safely. Robustly. For posterity.

Devices have input and output

The decision-making component is the data output process. Now, scientists can control the data input process, completing the picture.

It may just be that the entirety of life is the creation, storage, dissemination and interpretation of sequences. Now that we can possibly control the interpretation of the sequence, and can also store the sequence robustly, we only need to fully control the construction of the sequence.

How simple life can be!  

How complex life will become!

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