Thursday, May 13, 2010

Oh East is east and West is west ....

 Will the twain ever meet? Maybe, maybe not, but ... (if you haven't read the ballad, you must...)

Judging by the Internet connectivity at the hotel that I stayed at over the last couple of days in New York city, it is reasonable to say that the internet works better on my shuttle bus (back west) than it did at the hotel.

Score W=1, E=0.

While the weather this year on the west coast has been far from exemplary, thanks to El Nino (?), I did arrive to some sunlight, which quickly faded to rain, resulting in a couple of hours delay from JFK to DC.

Score W=2, E=0.

Judging by the results of the Cavs-Celtics game, it looks like LeBron will not really get a chance to redeem himself in the Nike puppet ad (3 championship rings :-)), and the Lakers will end up beating the Celtics again :-)

Score W=3, E=0.

Presumptuous? Maybe - but let's throw caution to the wind and predict the Sharks winning the Stanley Cup (they did make sure to not flame out in the first couple of rounds of the playoffs like they usually do!)

Score W=4, E=0

Now - Internet connectivity at Washington D.C., is also problematic (at least with VPN) - this does make cloud computing a little harder, does it not? East = 1, Cloud = 0.

If Cloud = W (the West is Cloud Mecca) that makes W= 4, E=1.

Walk into Times Square and it all balances out - NY City is still the capital of the world! I felt real nostalgic being back in NY (especially as it was not freezing cold, like I remembered it...)

East is east and West is west - and hey! - we have 2 boys, one born in NY and the other...sunny California!

(Go Sharks! Go Lakers! Go Earthquakes!)

Final score (E=W)!

Postscript (5/23) - The bold prediction about the Sharks turned out to be foolish! Score W=3, E=1.

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