Monday, May 4, 2009

Email this dark horse!

Something special was in the air last weekend - the dark horse, Mine That Bird, 50-1 underdog, came from behind to smash the rest of the field by 6 3/4 lengths (the most since 1946), reminding people eerily of Barbaro.

Was Barbaro's spirit in the air? His statue of suspended hyper-animation was unveiled recently at Churchill Downs, with his body entombed in the concrete. It so happens that Barbaro had won the same race by 6 1/2 lengths in 2006, before shattering his leg at the Preakness soon after, and suffering heroically for a while before being euthanized in 2007.

Barbaro had an email account for wishes. Several web sites were set up to honor the memories of his victory and fighting spirit during his rehabilitation.

The difference? Barbaro, apparently undefeated before the Kentucky Derby in 2006, had odds of 6-1. Mine That Bird? 50-1. But no longer the before the Preakness...

Email that dark horse your best wishes - all eyes will be on the Spirit of Barbaro!

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