Thursday, December 4, 2008

Silicon Valley - the next generation!

My 9-year-old is often caught stealing time in front of a laptop. When asked "What are you doing?" he answers, "sending email!". He sends a lot of IMs and email to his 13-year-old brother sitting in the next room :-)

That's the valley for you! When I forward him the soccer tryout schedule, his response - "Thanks pops!" with a funky font! The boys even write a blog - RONRIK - batteries included! Check out this nice poem!

This morning, I was talking about GM asking for more money from the US government to prevent bankruptcy, and the conversation with the 9-year-old goes as follows -
"Papa! You should buy a GM car right away!"

"Why? They could be going bankrupt!"

"Well, these cars could become rare..."

"You won't get parts for them...maybe.."

"But you can sell it on eBay for a higher price!"
Maybe there's hope for eBay yet :-)

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archita dasgupta said...

:-)) Too funny! I am absolutely certain that at age 9 I had zero concept of Supply-Demand!
BTW - can the boys add "Followers" to their blog so I can add my name there and get an alert each time they add to the blog?
- A very proud aunt