Friday, January 11, 2008

DoubleClick - naming masterpiece!!

So...I was trying to explain search monetization to my boys, 12 and 8, while driving to music class last Sunday. I said "Google and Yahoo put ads above the search results, and when you click on them, they make money!"

My 8-year old says - "Wow! That's cool. So we can keep clicking on the ads and you can make more money!" Impressed, but sorry to burst his bubble, "No - search engines guard against such stuff, so that there's no click-fraud." Pause. "Papa? Does this mean that on some computers, where you have to double-click (home windows vs. his mac at school) that you make twice the amount of money?"

Touche! The name "DoubleClick" finally made sense. And Microsoft ... what vision!

It's no wonder that Amazon settled their patent dispute on 1-click shopping checkout with Barnes&Noble that quickly!!

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