Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Virtual Reality Check

Late last year, a couple got confused between the real and virtual worlds, causing a virtual affair to lead to real world divorce!

The blurring of real and virtual continues at a rapid pace. Developments like voice recognition, laser projection from cell phones and Pranav Mistry's cool 6th sense device help bring the digital world a step closer -- breathing, signing, talking, walking, and gesturing to accomplish real-world tasks. That's all about living better!

Playing! That's more important, isn't it? At E3, Sony announced a new way to play, a special controller building on the success of Nintendo's Wiimote - a physical bridge to the virtual game. And XBOX is promising a lot with Project Natal. PC World has a good comparison and some questions.
Natal, according to Microsoft, uses a sensor that combines a camera, a depth sensor, a multi-array microphone, and a custom processor running proprietary software all in one device.
Virtually a reality!
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