Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Computer wars - the Trojan strategy!

The machines are winning ... they are taking over the world by quietly, but surely, taking out increasing numbers of humans!! They started out by causing a pain-in-the-neck here, a throbbing-wrist there, a headache over dinner, motion-sickness in the bus, but now...they're getting bolder!!

They are apparently sending people to hospital emergency rooms in larger numbers!! Laugh if you will, but they're getting stronger (each computer doing more damage than ever before) - as quoted:
"Worse, the number of injuries outpaced the number of new computers in the home. While injuries jumped 732 percent, household computer ownership increased by just 309 percent."
Aha! Not to be outdone, we're battling them "head on" -> Terminator - the Resistance of the Flat Screen:
The data also showed head injuries increased until 2003, and then went on a decline. The authors guessed that the move to thinner LCD screens from the heavy, boxy cathode ray tube monitors had a safety benefit.
They have therefore evolved a more subtle Trojan strategy - viruses!

Given how many times I've wanted to bash in my computer over the last month due to a viral infection (not me, the computer, stupid!) driving me crazy, and also bang my head on the nearest wall ...I can believe that these critters are indeed going to take over the planet!! Proof, you ask? Well - how many humans on the planet, and how many cell phones??? What's the rate of growth?

Have you ever tried to play a YouTube video on the much-hyped Apple iPhone? I dunno about you, but I've *never* seen a full-length (5-minute!) user-generated movie on that deceptively cute machine without it teasing and stuttering, causing emotional trauma!!

Promises, promises...

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