Friday, June 26, 2009

Michael Jackson - alive in Bollywood!

Watching the coverage following MJ's sudden death last night on television, I had tears in my eyes.

His music was an integral part of growing up! My memory of him will be his Superbowl performance, where he stands frozen for close to a minute with fans screaming!! A twitch in time saves nine!

When watching some of the choreographed moves in the music video, our sons pointed out that those are like the steps used in Bollywood songs!

True! He was not just a musical genius; his moves (or attempts at copying his moves) are standard formula for many Bollywood's superstars, like Hrithik Roshan. (I was surprised myself at the obvious copy of Michael's superbowl moves in this Hrithik video, ironically watermarked "Evaluation Copy")

Bollywood does this quite a bit. Once, I was watching an old Texas western, and the villain was eerily familiar ... Amjad Khan in Sholay!! The interesting thing is ..sometimes the "copy" is better, e.g., Masoom vs. Man, Woman and Child. Michael's moves have inspired hundreds of Bollyformula films!

But MJ has set the bar! Not even Bollywood can top Michael's moves!!
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