Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Object Oriented Programming - Object #5: Circa 200 A.D. - Screw it all!

Preface: During Graduate School, Object Oriented Programming had a very specific meaning. Now I'm more "meta",  and stuck in a different time-warp for the next few weeks in Bangalore with time to ponder. I now see objects around me that had very specific meaning to me in an earlier life.

While in this time-warp,  I'll post some of these interesting objects.

Object #5 (Circa 200 A.D.): Screw it all!

This screwdriver still repairs things!

First, man created the wheel!

Then, he discovered fire!

Then, after putting a few things in the fire and moulding them, man built this amazing screwdriver.

Then, my dad got it (I don't know if he bought it or dug it out of the earth :-))

The years of use have left both the metal tip and the wooden handle a glossy shine!

It still says: "Screw it all!" 

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