Monday, April 13, 2009

Spring courtship on Display!

Spring hits Silicon Valley! Pollen is in the air and tears are in the eyes! The courtship is rejuvenated! Microsoft and Yahoo! are flirting again, trying to find something that unites them...or at least brings them closer.

On display! No more ruffled feathers!!

The affection for display is foremost on the mind. The little steps have been taken - the meeting of the minds is happening, and the emerging common ground seems to be Yahoo! doing display ads and Microsoft doing search ads. What will happen when these two worlds collide in the future (searchplay)?...and who's doing the searching? Yahoo! or the new Microsoft Kumo?

Maybe this is just a little first step to making up. Then, they'll be buying popcorn and going to the movies together!

Well ... the last time this did not turn out too well, and we've all seen how aggressive the big blue bird can be!

Who has the stick this time?
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