Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Sunsetting the best damn tech logo period!

I feel kinda sentimental about IBM's proposed acquisition of Sun. I don't feel vitriolic about it, like I did with Autonomy's acquisition of Verity! That was nasty! This one's kinda sad...

In graduate school, the workstations we used for all our work sported the best damn tech logo period! See how the word "SUN" flows at all angles - with perfect symmetry?

I loved the logo, and we learned Unix, C, C++ on these machines!!

Then, for my M.S., Ph.D. theses, I used Sun. We did multiprocessor simulations of Sun SPARC machines on 680X0-based Sun Workstations. The icing on the cake for me was that I developed, in Assembly (egad!!), the world's then fastest thread switching code in software (mis)using SPARC register windows (MIT had a faster version with proposed hardware modifications).

Assembly!! I'm pretty sure I can't handle assembly now, or for that matter, many other things :-)

This SUNset will leave a beautiful trail in the sky.

Update 02/2010: As of this week, my wife is an Oracle employee - the SunSet turned out to be dark red!
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