Thursday, January 14, 2010

Wh"Y" not X?

I hope my wife is not reading my blog. "Y" you ask? I now have the perfect argument when she says I'm wrong (which happens a lot):

"You're the prettier gibbon, lipstick and all, but hey...I'm more evolved!!"

Research, presented in no less a journal than Nature, shows that while the Y chromosome (half the size of the feminine counterpart X), much maligned over the years as being responsible for men behaving badly, has actually been very very busy ... evolving!

While the rest of our human genome (X included) differs from chimps by only about 2%, the champion Y has been found to be 30% different. More impressive, this has happened in short order!! Only 6 million years!!

My earlier theory on the higher evolutionary status of the male was based on the fact that men invented pockets (in pants) first (women have to carry handbags, etc.) - but, for some odd reason, that argument has been summarily dismissed by all females that have encountered it (I guess all men know who really wears the pantsuit in the house!!)

There's no word yet on if the phrase "men are pigs" will have to go out of style; I don't think swine chromosomes were rooted out.
So - now ... the new argument rings irrefutably true, and I don't have to spit to prove it: 23 IS me!
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