Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Mamma Mia - it's all about pizza(gna)!

When I talk about Google Custom Search, as I did at SearchMasters, I often use the pizza analogy:

Custom Search allows you to take the slices of the Web that you care about, and put your own toppings on it (customize) - so you can make it caliente, or use a special chicken tikka masala topping on it - have it your way!

So it is only karma that the example we used for illustrating the newest feature -- promotions -- has something to do with pizza! In fact, Pizzagna is an invention of Tom Duerig, one of my colleagues - it is a mashup between Pizza and Lasagna! In Tom's own words:
"What was my vision?" you ask. A pizza with the depth and character of a lasagna. A lasagna that you could pick up with your hand and eat like a pizza. A match made in heaven?
I thought he was joking, until he told me that he actually did this!! Check it out and let me know in your comments if it works out well...

Next? Chikentikkazzagnia!
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