Tuesday, November 6, 2007

[June 4, 2005] Don't go left...go RIGHT!

(Reproduced from the Original Silicon Thoughts on Yahoo! 360)

Same freeway...same exit...It was difficult to remember, over the last couple of days, that I needed to stay on the right lane to get to Yahoo! instead of the quick left to my old workplace, immediately after the exit.

This, I mused, is only possible in the Bay Area. I have worked already worked for 4 different companies (IBM, Stratify (Purple Yogi), Verity, and now, Y!) without really needing to move (our move was not initiated by a job switch).

It isn't a wonder that the real estate prices in the Bay Area are ridiculous!

There is the sunshine, the IT job pool, ethnic diversity and (ahem) the millionaire pool.

In Silicon Valley, bad traffic and earthquakes are ... well ... "minor inconveniences".
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